API Pricing

MarketCheck has blended pricing with a flat fee governing the speed at which you'll be able to access the data, and a second fee reflecting the volume and type of data being accessed. Refer to the tables below to estimate costs. Changes are easy to effect after your account has been created and you can up the rate limit at any time within just a couple minutes. For enterprise level pricing or other inquiries, please call.

Pricing will increase for the "Rate Cost" (see below) this July 1st, 2019. Accounts created prior to that time will continue at their old pricing as long as the account remains active. For enterprise level pricing or other inquiries, please call.

Also please note the number of simultaneous calls per second will go down for all existing and new users.


NEW Rate Cost Effective July 1st

  Free Evaluation   1 Call at a Time   FREE
  Basic   Up to 5 Simultaneous Calls   $299 Per Month + Data Cost
  Standard   Up to 10 Simultaneous Calls   $499 Per Month + Data Cost
  Pro   Up to 20 Simultaneous Calls   $899 Per Month + Data Cost
  Enterprise   75+   *Inquire

Data Cost - Not Changing

  Inventory Search API   $0.2 Per 100 Calls
  VIN History API   $0.6 Per 100 Calls
  Dealer API   $0.25 Per 100 Calls
  VIN Decoder API   $0.15 Per 100 Calls
  CRM Cleanse API   $0.8 Per 100 Calls
  Car Market API   $0.6 Per 100 Calls

Rate Cost

  Evaluation   At 1 call/second   300 calls Per Month
  Basic   At 25 calls/second   $49 Per Month + Data Cost
  Standard   At 50 calls/second   $249 Per Month + Data Cost
  Pro   At 75 calls/second   $499 Per Month + Data Cost
  Enterprise   At 75+ calls/second   *Inquire

Data Cost

Inventory Search API $0.2 per 100 calls
VIN History API $0.6 per 100 calls
Dealer API $0.25 per 100 calls
VIN Decoder API $0.15 per 100 calls
CRM Cleanse API $0.8 per 100 calls
Cars Market APIs $0.6 per 100 calls


Automate the process of pulling real estate listings into your app or report with our low cost APIs. MarketCheck collects millions of listings from more than 60k Brokerages daily, to bring you the hands-down most accurate & comprehensive database of real estate for sale avaialable online. Listings come with all the standard fields you'd expect: the price, address, bedrooms / bathrooms, square footage and total days-on-market along with market comparisons and deep links to the Brokerage's own property details page. Official release is August 2018, contact us before then to be included in our beta test.


MarketCheck's Equipment listings are focused primarily on Heavy Equipment with other types of equipment available upon request. Heavy Equipment listings will usually contain a name, price, location, description and serial number but also often a VIN, mileage, total operating hours or industry specific ratings depending upon type. Records also include the total number of days it was on the market along with any changes that occured during that time. Deep links to the original source are provided so you can view additional details and images.

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