Aircraft Data - Coming Q4 2019

From jumbo jets to hang gliders, we aggregate it all. Our powerful APIs let you access all of our data with just a few lines of code, helping you get your project airborne in no time at all.

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API access is instant and permissionless. You can sign up for an API key and start pulling back data right away. There's no minimum requirement and payments are based upon the speed and volume of data being accessed. Click here to check out


If you're running analytics requiring large data sets, you may prefer to access the data via FTP (rather than our standard API method). If that's the case, no problem, just let us know what you require and we'll have it set up in a couple days. Click here to


If you have a one-time need it might be easier to just have us just take care of it for you. Let us know what you're looking for and we' can usually give you a cost estimate right over the phone. Dashboards and integrations are also available. Click here to

Aircraft Data

The MarketCheck aircraft database covers the spectrum, from jets to ultralights. Detailed breakdowns give the pertinent specs about the aircraft, with fields for things like engine type, hours, location, price, options and how long that particular listing has been showing up online. Contact information is included along with deep links back to the page where we found the information. Listings are gathered daily from hundreds of websites with complete refreshes within 24-hour cycles.

Who Uses MarketCheck

Some of the more obvious ways MarketCheck data gets used include powering search apps and appraisal tools. But MarketCheck data is also used in some less obvious ways too, like verifying inventory data, locating open recalls or tracking down stolen vehicles. Our clients span the full spectrum, from the very large to the very small, and we go out of our way to produce a product that encourages creativity and innovation. If you have questions about how your project might fit in, just give us a call. We can usually advise about the best approach for your particular type of use case and we're always happy to hear about the different ways people are using the data.

Integrating the Data

MarketCheck data is made available through several easy-to-integrate APIs, with endpoints already in place for most of the things you'll probably want to do with it. Integrating the data is fast and easy, and if you already have some experience working with APIs you can be up and running in just a few minutes. But if you need help we're always happy to lend a hand and ready to jump in any time. For special uses requiring a lot of pre-processing, like custom analytics, you may want to receive the data as a feed rather than an API. In these instances, we can set up a data dump at whatever location and schedule you require. We prefer FTP but if you need something special just let us know. For special reports or other one-off uses just let us know what you need and we can most likely create it. Data can be sent raw or pre-processed according to preference, and in whatever database format you might require.


Emails are usually answered the same day they're sent. For more immediate needs, just call us.