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MarketCheck is the most powerful, robust & comprehensive database of its' kind. Basic level API access is fast & easy to implement.

Inventory Data

Our real estate inventory database provides millions of past and current listings from over 50k Real Estate Brokerages spread across the US. Individual records include all pertinent facts--the price, location and property details with seller information & comparison to market averages.

Listing Histories

Individual listing histories reveal how long the property has been listed and any changes to the price or the listing details that may have occurred during that time period. Zip code level average listing periods (days-on-market) are provided enabling quick, easy comparisons.

Market Trends

Local market indices give averages for price, DOM, size, total number of bedrooms and baths for each zip code. Our "trends" endpoint shows the direction of the market for each attribute, depicting how it's changed over time for the timeframes entered.

MarketCheck Data

MarketCheck aggregates data from across the web to give you up-to-the minute access to some of the largest industries online. Use our data to better understand markets, anticipate movements or power apps. The unparalleled comprehensiveness of our data will be immediately apparent when compared to other sources. Upon closer examination, our commitemnt to quality reveals itself with the most accurate and-up-to-the minute depictions of local markets across the country.

How We Aggregate

Crawling is done using MarketCheck's proprietary web cralwer, "Autobot." It blends powerful crawling capabilities with advanced machine learning, recognizing patterns as it navigates complex site structures to gather and sort listings with the highest fidelity and efficiency possible. This has allowed us to provide comprehensive depictions of markets, with levels of coverage and accuracy previously unseen in the industries we cover. Autobot is a "polite crawler" that respects website instructions for bots, and treads lightly on the sites we monitor. Publishers wishing to have their listings included need only have a website that allows search engines (like Google or Bing) to crawl their content. Provided that they do, we take care of everything else, and go out of our way to make sure their listings are reflected in our databases. We then re-publish the listings through our active community of developers, to maximize the reach each listing has. We make our money creating & selling the APIs and so there's no fee charged for providing this service for the publishers that we monitor.

Integrating the Data

MarketCheck data is made avaialble through several easy-to-use APIs. Integration is fast and simple, and if you already have some experience with APIs you can be up and running in just a few minutes. But if you do need help at any point along the way, just give us a call, we're happy to help. For special types of uses requiring a lot of pre-processing, you may occasionally want a feed rather than an API and for these cases we're happy to set up a dump at the location and schedule of your choice. We prefer FTP but if you need something else, it's do-able. In the case of special reports or other types of occasional uses, just let us know what you need and we can probably create it for you. Other integration services, like desktops or mashups of all kinds, are avaialble when needed and quoted on a custom basis according to the level and complexity of the work. Fully automated, bi-directional syncing with third party applications (RPA) are also possible, just let us know what you have in mind and we'll work up a quote for it.

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